Consistency in both content and form

Springbreak Luxembourg gives pride of place to exhibitors who offer eco-friendly products and lay emphasis on initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint. We wished to make a concrete contribution to the promotion of a more sustainable business environment which is why we had to redesign numerous internal approaches and procedures to align our business accordingly. Many of our events and conferences now focus on climate and environmental issues. THE BOX team sees Springbreak Luxembourg as a real opportunity to experiment and develop their expertise in the organisation of more sustainable events.

Mobilité durable
Tram Luxexpo

Promotion of public transport

We encourage our visitors to use the various means of public transport, which are listed here.

A redesigned economic model

Commercial offers have been redesigned to help projects in the launching phase present themselves.

Several of our exhibitors have created pavilions to give small businesses and start-ups more visibility.

A special offer for this specific type of pavilion has been set up. The offer will be maintained for future editions for which we hope to attract large partners and sponsors who can facilitate the presence of smaller structures.

Événement durable

Reduction of waste and energy consumption

We encouraged our exhibitors to give up on carpets as they are the biggest waste at exhibitions. This has already been a standard for previous events. Other alternatives to demarcate the stands on the ground have already been found. Moreover, we have changed the lighting in the halls and have redesigned the overall architecture to provide an original visitor experience. The lights will be dimmed from now on which not only creates a feeling of warmth but also reduces our energy consumption.

Some spaces have been tightened, paths and places have been designed to have both a rationalization of spaces and play with new sensations. The space will be surrounded by fleeces that provide insulation and greater comfort.

The Box is supplied with 100% renewable electric energy (mainly of hydraulic origin).

We ask our exhibitors not to use disposable plastic tableware and not to distribute unnecessary gadgets such as USB sticks and cloth bags that accumulate at home and are very water-and resource-intensive to produce – even if they are recyclable. Less is more!

The stands are made out of reusable panels and have been partially painted with local biosourced paint. What’s more, we use pallets that not only give an urban flair but which are also solid and can therefore be reintroduced into the logistic cycle.

In order to prevent unnecessary waste, a needs analysis is carried out before printing documents on recycled paper.

All our waste is sorted and managed with the support of the City of Luxembourg and the SuperDrecksKëscht. Our two partners advise us on waste disposal, management, prevention and recycling analysis. By the end of 2019, we obtained the SuperDrecksKëscht label.

Local food and promotion of short circuits

A large part of the gastronomic offer is local and derives from organic farming. We have asked our suppliers to opt for the seasonal cuisine and buy fair trade products. Besides our traditional cuisine, we offer various vegetarian and vegan alternatives. We are, above all, committed to working with our exhibitors: our customers support us, and we support them.

Luxexpo The Box is also committed to working first with its exhibitors. Our customers support us and we support them!

system change not climate change

How challenges become opportunities

Our ultimate goal is to offer greener events for our clients. We have not only acquired new skills and have broadened our expertise but have also learnt that constraints can turn into real opportunities! Beginning of 2019, we set ourselves the ambitious goal to become the best within the following three years. To achieve our goal, we regularly launch new projects.