A green event In line with the green topics

Our Springbreak Luxembourg event highlights the exhibitors who offer Eco-friendly products or who carry initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet and nature. The same applies to the programme of conferences and events dealing with environmental and climate change issues.


Moreoer, we would like to make a concrete contribution to the promotion of sustainable development and redesigned numerous internal approaches and procedures. Springbreak Luxembourg is a laboratory for the team of THE BOX as to develop an expertise in the organisation of green events. Supporting such initiatives is an important part of the coalition program of the actual government.


Promotion of public transport

We encourage our visitors to use public transport possibilities and have listed all opportunities to reach us by tram or bus.

By presenting your transport card (subscription, tickets), visitors can receive a free ticket to access the event.

One visit – three exhibitions

Two other exhibitions will be held on the site of Luxexpo the Box at the same time as Springbreak (Jardirêve from 14th to 17th March 2019 and the Salon Du Vintage from the 16th to 17th March). This grouping makes sense as the events are aimed to the same audience.

If the possibility exists, we will concentrate on thematic groupings so that events take place simultaneously. Thus people will move one time instead of three!


A redesigned economic model.

Commercial offers have been redesigned to help projects in the launching phase to come forward. Several of our exhibitors have also created pavilions to welcome small businesses and start-ups to give them a boost.

A special offer has been put in place for this type of pavilions, an offer that we will maintain for future editions and for which we will seek partners and sponsors that will facilitate the presence of smaller structures.

Reduction of waste and energy consumption

We encouraged our exhibitors to give up on carpets which are the #1 waste of exhibitions.  This has been the standard of our equipped stands for the last exhibitions. Ground delimitation alternatives for the stands have been found. Moreover, we redesigned the lightning of the halls and the architecture to provide an original visitor experience. The light will be dimmed, creating a warm effect while reducing the energy consumption.

Some spaces have been tightened, paths and places have been designed to have both a rationalization of spaces and play with new sensations. The space will be surrounded by fleeces that provide insulation and greater comfort.

The Box is supplied with 100% renewable electric energy (mainly of hydraulic origin).

We ask our exhibitors not to use disposable plastic tableware and not to distribute unnecessary gadgets such as USB sticks and cloth bags that accumulate in all homes and whose production is very greedy in water resources – even if they are recyclable. Less is more!

The stands are made out of reusable panels and have been partially painted with local biosourced paint. What’s more, we use pallets that not only give an urban flair but which are also solid and can therefore be reintroduced into the logistics circuit.

We rent our furniture that we only use occasionally. Our decorations are reusable, with a preference for plants. Documents were printed on recycled paper and are based on a needs analysis.

All waste is sorted and managed jointly with the City of Luxembourg and SuperDrecksKëscht. Our two partners advise us on waste disposal, management, prevention and recycling analysis. We are currently preparing for a SuperDrecksKëscht label.

Local food and promotion of short circuits

A large part of the gastronomy on offer is local and comes from organic farming. We have asked our suppliers to prefer seasonal cuisine and buy fair trade products. In addition to traditional offers, our visitors are offered many vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Luxexpo The Box is also committed to working first with its exhibitors. Our customers support us and we support them!

Transform constraints into opportunities.

Ultimately, there is the opportunity to offer our customers more environmentally friendly events. Not only did we find new methods, but we also learned that what initially seemed to be a limitation opened up new possibilities! We give ourselves three years to become the best and launch new projects month after month.

THE BOX team

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